My brother and sister in law referred Jack to my husband and I after an exhausting 8 months of trying a government assistance program to get a house. Within one week after meeting with Jack, and showing us homes for sale, we signed the contract to purchase a beautiful brand new home! My husband and I were both impressed on how quickly and active Jack was in locating homes and following up with us, answering all the questions we had, and giving advice to us, especially being first time home buyers. Jack’s knowledge and experience in his field is certainly reflected in his understanding of the housing market and home buying process. Jack helped us secure the new home by negoatiating down the asking price of the home along with securing us with new appliances for the home. Jack even referred to us a very through inspector who did a great job inspecting our home. We highly recommend Jack for home buying and even home selling needs. Nancy and Sam Mina
This entire process was great. You've been more than helpful. The closing went smoother than I could have imagined. I am so excited to make this house a home and I owe that to you. I would absolutely recommend you to other families looking for the best home buying experience. Thank you again! Lindsay Bergin
It has been a amazing journey with you Jack. When times got tough you went at it hard pulled me through. I learned a lot from you along the way. You could have bailed out on me but you didn't. And you were able to give me some down payment help as well. I will absolutely refer you to the next client. Thanks so much!!! Shonn Stembridge
Jack was an absolute pleasure to work with for my very first home purchase. He held my hand through the entire process and even went above and beyond to give me insight from his wealth of knowledge on investing in real estate when I expressed interest. Jack always had answers for me, and if he didn't have an answer immediately, he did his due diligence to find an answer as quickly as possible. Anytime someone mentions to me that they are looking at buying property in my area, I always mention Jack's name. From the initial meeting, to finding the perfect property per my needs, to negotiating a worth-while deal, to closing, I highly recommend his services. Tiara Kincaid
As for my review of you and the wonderful job you did for me securing my new home and working with me to get all my questions answered and following up on time and the home loan process after the contract was signed. You were FANTASTIC and I have recommended you to a couple of folks already. This was my third home purchase. By far, this was the best experience I have had with a realtor. Jack was professional, efficient, knowledgeable and fun to work with. My house was only $121,000 but Jack treated me like I was a million dollar sale. That's the kind of person he is. He went above and beyond to provide me information that most realtors leave up to the buyer to obtain. I HIGHLY recommend Jack and Market Masters for you next home purchase. Gwen Ward
Jack Stachura is an absolute true professional! I can't say enough about Jack, he has a true caring nature, and extensive knowledge in all aspects of real-estate, engineering, and so much more, we were always in class. We knew Jack was our realtor when he returned a call at 10:00pm from an online inquiry. We talked and met, that was it! That was a good indication of the level of commitment Jack has to service. He is the most service-oriented realtor we have ever worked with. During our showings, he pointed out potential problems we as "Buyers" would have totally overlooked! He brings all these qualities to the table for his clients, not just in real estate transactions, but in the transition to their new home. As a military family and many years of travel, we just wanted a place to call home. We were seeking to purchasing our first home in a highly desirable school district in Gwinnnett County, which was not easy. Our journey started in 2015, we looked for a year and could not find anything in our budget. Finally, in 2016 the opportunity came, we happened upon a home that actually had no "For Sale," indicated, but I saw it online and immediately called Jack. He went into action immediately, got us a showing, and put a bid in on our behalf. The timing was perfect as previously offer did not go through, Jack was on it! He walked us through the entire process and never stopped giving us his devote attention from day one and beyond. During the closing, Jack was there explaining the process, the seller was even impressed. He blessed us with our first house warming gift, just the little things he does, are so appreciated. We still are in disbelief that we are finally homeowners after many years of leasing. That's not it! After we purchased, Jack referred us to a contractor to get some work completed. After that contractor bailed on us and took our money, Jack when into action to get our money back so we could finish the work. Wow!!! What realtor you know would go so far. We thank his beautiful wife for sharing him with us during those late showings. I do not remember a time he was unavailable, not one time! We are so pleased with his service and highly recommend him to you and your family. We are so very grateful and thank God for sending him our way. He is not just our realtor but now a friend. Debra Walton
Jack was very helpful in helping me find a house that I could afford. Although the process took a couple of months and we looked at dozens of houses, because I was looking for something within my budget, It worked out well for me in the end. The appraisal value of my house has appreciated 40K in a little over three years and I am pleased with everything so far. Howard West
Jack Stachura is the first of ten realtors that was understanding of what I wanted and not try to just stick me in any house on the market. He was quick to find a home suitable for me right from the beginning. He helps you manage the overwhelming steps of buying a house to make them seem more attainable. He provided me with knowledge such as amortization charts and other helpful tips of becoming a homeowner that are extremely encouraging. Jacks help goes further then just real estate advise, I now think of Jack as a true friend. Deaire Hagen
Jack was instrumental in helping my family and I find a home that we would be happy with in a very challenging and competitive Milton housing market. His knowledge of the area coupled with his past experience in the home building industry provided much needed insight when seeking a home and negotiating contract terms. I would absolutely use Jack in the future and would recommend him to both family and friends who are in the market for a home. Chris Stamps
Jack is an amazing realtor! He is knowledgeable about every aspect of the home buying process and freely shares his knowledge. There are no surprises with Jack. He is available to answer questions and give advice any time of day or night. He helped my mother, my sister, and I find homes that we absolutely love. He is now our family's go to realtor and we would highly recommend him to anyone in search of a new property. Thank you, Jack, for your professionalism, humor, and patience. Brandy Calhoun
My experience with Jack Stachura and Market Master Reality was fantastic. Being a first time home buyer I was a little nervous and had no idea what to expect or what to even look for. Jack was always there for me - ready to answer questions and giving me the run down of what to do, what to expect and what the next step was. Not only was Jack making sure that everything was taken care of on my end but he was making phone calls for me and making sure that everything was getting taken care of on the other end. One thing that I really appreciated about Jack was he took the extra time and went the extra mile without a doubt. I didn’t know what to look for but he did. I was always treated like I was number one and in the rare case Jack missed my call; he was calling me right back. Being the honest trustworthy hardworking man Jack is, he has a ton of connections and it seemed I was always getting the special treatment. Mr. Stachura has been absolutely fantastic and I will be looking for him again in the future. I would highly recommend him for your home purchase and without a doubt I am sure his selling side is just as great. Ryan Nicholas
A note of thanks for the manner in which you handled the sale of our house located in 4745 Baldwin Dr in Cumming GA. You had our interest in mind. You were very professional and courteous. Joyce and I had complete trust in you. We will highly recommend you to our friends. We thank you again and wish you the best. Joyce and Michael Caspi
When we purchased our home 3 years ago my wife and I both fell in love with it the first time Jack showed it to us. We were concerned that we would not be able to afford it or get financing. Jack took us by the hand got the home for $20,000 less then what we thought also helped us find a bank to help finance. Now 3 years later thanks to Jack we are living in the home of our dreams. Thanks Jack! Mike Britt
Thank you very for sticking with me and getting me into this fine home that you found for me. When everybody else said that they couldn’t help me, you stayed with me and got the job done. I love the house. I’ll never forget all the work you did for me. Thank you. Ryan Pruett
Jack was very easy to work with. Very knowledgeable and passionate about real estate. Due to his professionalism and attention to us, we were able to find our home in the first weekend. Very satisfied with Market Masters and with Jack. I will definitely recommend Jack to all my friends. Thank you very much Jack for helping us find our HOME! Juan Guie
I have been a resident of Georgia for the past 4 months. I transitioned here from the state of Florida! My transition would not have been as smooth and uneventful if it wasn’t for Jack Stachura. Not sure how I ended up receiving his contact information but from our phone conversations, to our first meeting, to him personally taking care of my mother and I to find a home, he was the best! He listened to what I was looking for over the phone. When I flew into Georgia for a weekend visit to house hunt he was all ready to go. I really appreciated his expertise in the realty business. Jack was even there for my closing! He was a great supporter. Did I mention that it was just within a 3 week period that we met, house hunted, I moved and closed on a home. As a nurse, I appreciate customer service, attention to detail and professionalism! These are all the characteristics that Mr. Stachura exhibits! Thanks again!!!! Janeane Walker
Thanks for your help! The process was overwhelming at times but the new home was worth it. Finding a program that helped with our down payment was key to our purchase. Your support through the paperwork process was greatly appreciated. We looked at homes that suited our needs James Moore
I wish I would have met Jack 10 years ago when I started flipping houses. As a long term investor in RE market, I cant stress how important it is to have Jack on your team. He has kept us out of so many bad deals and helped us cherry pick all the good deals and help us sell our houses by pricing them to what the maximum market can pay for a fast turn around. Jack is extremely professional and always one phone call away. If you are looking for an experienced deal maker to buy or sell, Jack is your man! Ben Seghi
Normally my choice to work with a realtor to purchase a new home ranks somewhere between an IRS Audit and cleaning a public restroom at Grand Central Station. Most realtors are not prepared to handle professionals with specific needs or limits on time. They often drive you around wasting precious time on unplanned routes, properties that they are more interested in selling for their benefit or properties that do not meet your specifications. Because the level of attention and continued service that he provides, Jack Stachura should not be considered a realtor. His abilities are unmatched by any other realtor that I have ever encountered. He first listened to my needs, took detailed notes and provided a list of properties for my review. He then arranged for visits to these properties around my already full calendar and planned efficient routes that did not waste any time. Because he invested so much time on research and follow up, he was able to focus on my specific needs allowing me to make a highly informed and compatible choice. Our interaction took less than 8 total hours of my time from contact to closing. He also regularly coordinated with mortgage representatives, HOA and sellers to provide detailed answers to every question that I had about my purchase and keep the transaction on schedule. What separates his exceptional service from anyone else? Jack Stachura does exactly what he says he will do, when he says he will do it. Because of this, he does not need to make promises… W.A. Villafane
Jack went above and beyond what any other agent would have done in helping me find a house. Not only did he stay up past midnight to work on submitting an offer, but he also suggested that I make a slight increase in the offer to give me a better chance of securing the contract. At closing, the sellers agent told us that if we didn't get the offer in when we did, and at the amount offered, that we would have lost the house to another buyer. Jack obviously knows the market and what it takes to get you in your "dream" house. Also, he drove and hour and a half (each way) on a Sunday so we would do an additional inspection on the house to alleviate a few concerns I had prior to closing. During that inspection, I realized that Jack also knows A LOT about home construction, and he was able to put my mind at ease about my concerns. Scott Hoialmen
Jack Stachura at Market Masters Realty is simply an amazing realtor. He has many years of experience and is very knowledgeable in all facets of real estate. Not only did I get the perfect house for my family but he also recommended Academy Mortgage Company. Everyone I had contact with at Academy Mortgage from Chris Drexler, Branch Manager to Lilly Popa, Senior Loan Officer, to Jennifer Gaddis, Loan Processor, provided the most outstanding service and communication. Jennifer Gaddis even worked on my file during the late night hours—emailing me at 11:48 p.m. one night with a request for additional documents needed before my file could be sent to the underwriter. But most surprisingly is the fact that Academy Mortgage was even able to get me into an exceptional down payment assistance program which provided me with a 5% grant that not only covered the entire down payment required for an FHA loan but also covered a significant amount of the closing costs that were not paid by the seller. None of my friends can believe that I actually signed my contract on Feb. 3, 2015 and closed on my home on Feb. 27, 2015. While Academy Mortgage was processing my loan, Jack Stachura was taking care of everything with the listing agent—from negotiating a tremendous deal for the seller to pay a lion’s share of the closing costs to following up on every single question I had about the property to having the seller pay for most of the repairs recommended by the very tedious home inspector that Jack also recommended . I really didn’t find anything wrong with the property so I was extremely surprised when the home inspector provided me with a page long list of repairs that the home needed. Jack requested documentation from the sellers that the repairs had been made. What wasn’t repaired by the sellers prior to closing was covered with an additional financial compensation at closing. Having Jack Stachura to navigate me through this entire process was one of the best economic decisions I have ever made. I can’t thank him enough and I highly recommend him to anyone in the market for a home. Alma McCray
After working with two other realtors for about two months I was about to give up on finding our home and began looking for a three bedroom apartment but three bedroom apartments in my area are so expensive and was really not what I wanted. I decided I'm going to look on my own for a home, went on realtor.com and put in my information to contact what I thought was the listing agent and then Jack called. Jack is a life saver used by God to help me find my home. Within one day Jack helped me find my home and not just any home a beautiful home!! Thanks Jack for all your help and even the support you have given me after closing on the home. May God bless you and your future. Kesa King
I want to tell everyone who the greatest realtor is. Jack Stachura was with me throughout the entire process. So many times I wanted to give up and Jack encouraged me. He went over and beyond to make sure that my dream home became a reality. A personal touch and total support is how I would describe this brilliance. Thank you, Jack. I love my home. Everything is awesome. Thank you. LaRene Scaife
My husband and I was very pleased that Jack Stachura was the real estate agent for our buyer, because we had no help whatsoever from our real estate company. Jack went out of his way to deal with the appraiser who kept coming up with extra ordinary requirements that we had to deal with which delayed our closing for weeks. We really considered Jack as our agent. He is a very capable, knowledgeable and professional real estate salesman. William and Elaine Meyers
Jack proved to have the ongoing commitment to professional excellence, superior focus on customer service, and exceptional marketing strategies that sets him apart from the other agents. I am writing to express my highest recommendation for Jack as a real estate agent. My wife and I are giving a high endorsement for Jack. He helped steer us through a difficult market as we were selling our home and downsizing. Jack took the time to show us homes that fit our needs and interests. Jack was always honest with his response to our questions. We never had to second guess anything. We greatly appreciated his help and professionalism during a challenging transition time. We give Jack 10 stars out of 5, for a great job in helping us sell a house that no longer met our needs. Jack helped in finding and building a new home that we will love and is a perfect fit for us. We also had a rental property that we needed to sell before winter took place. Jack went way past our expectations. Jack had the house sold in 2 months. Adrien Clermont
What can I say about Jack Stachura? Well, I can say that he has been my family's Realtor of choice for 6+ years, with over 5 homes bought through him. I would not suggest another Realtor to anyone and here’s why: Jack is there, no matter the time of day or night. I could call, text, email, carrier pigeon, you name it and he will be on the other end to give me clarity and answers immediately. Jack is a bulldog of sorts and by that he jumps on opportunities at a moments notice, gives you real time, up to date information on any and all homes you might be interested in. With all of his years experience in the field he was very knowledgeable in all aspects of the home hunting and buying process. He helped tremendously in my fact finding missions regarding mortgage loans and inspectors at the same time (with super-human abilities) was able to calm my wife’s nerves and anxieties throughout the process. Jack has been and will continue to be my Realtor of choice and I wouldn’t have it any other way! Thanks for all you do Jack! Kevin Ward
Jack Stachura was a great realtor for me! I first encountered him on the Internet in Dec. of 2013 when I still lived in Florida. We communicated by e-mail and phone for 6 months during which time he sent me many listings. My home sold at the end of May; I quickly planned a trip to Georgia (my daughter lives in Flowery Branch). Jack drove me to see my top choices, and I made an offer that day. Three and a half weeks later, I had 2 closings in 3 days. I was very nervous about driving to the closing, so Jack drove me. What a guy! Can’t beat service like that. Kathy Stokes
All the questions were answered and you gave me information I didn’t even know I needed. I really was worried your team wasn’t going to be able to close the deal as fast as they did. I was pleasantly surprised that everything happened in the exact time frame you gave. I really appreciate all your hard work to make sure everything went as smooth as it did and if anyone asks me for a good realtor I’ll definitely give them your name. Toby Latham
Jack was very helpful in helping me find a home that I could afford. Although the process took a couple of months and we looked at dozens of houses, because I was looking for something within my budget, it worked out well for me in the end. The appraisal value of my house has appreciated 40k in a little over three years and I am pleased with everything so far. Howard West
Jack Stachura is a very thorough, professional, and exceedingly organized Real Estate representative. He helped us market our home, sell it, and close it while we were 600 miles away. He took tons of workload off our shoulders and helped us through some negotiations with a very difficult situation brought on by a buyer’s agent that was impossible to reason with. I would highly recommend Jack Stachura to anyone in the real estate market looking to buy or sell. Richard W. Huck
My daughter recommended Jack because she was impressed with how quickly he responded to her after she contacted him to help her find a home. I contacted him and a couple of days later we looked at five homes in one day and on that day I made an offer on property. Jack is very professional and very customer service oriented beyond what I have ever experienced working with a realtor in the past. He worked very hard and provided invaluable guidance throughout the process. Jack was always available to answer my questions and address my concerns. He responded to emails and voice mails promptly, which is really important during what can be a potentially a very stressful time. I highly recommend Jack and will be forever thankful for the best home buying experience I have ever had. Tammy Scott
We DID make it---- thanks to you, Jack. You gave honesty, encouragement and best of all patience. You took time to give us everything we asked for during this process. Mabel and I didn't know much of all the benefits of becoming homeowners, but you sat down at IHOP to give us some great info. It opened our eyes very much to buy now than to wait later. Thanks, Jack. You were a great friend/agent and I will recommend other friends or family to you. Ron and Mabel Harris
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